2. Infants

Together with my students and colleagues, I studied:

  • whether 6 m.o. Russian infants exhibit preference for trochaic or iambic stress patterns;
  • at what age Russian infants switch from prosodic to statistical cues for speech segmentation;
  • the developmental trajectory of acquiring non-adjacent dependencies important for grammar.

With the help of the Language Acquisition group (University of Potsdam), I set up a head-turn preference paradigm for testing early steps of language acquisition in infants, which is the first experimental paradigm of that kind in Russian institutions.

Publications and Presentations

  1. Mitciuk, D., & Pelts, N. (under review). Stress Assignment in Disyllabic Russian Words: Testing the Idea of Syllabic Weight. Intersection of Linguistics, Language & Culture Journal. Preprint: https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/qtj4d

  2. Marimon, M., Mitciuk, D., Lopukhina, A., Höhle, B. Statistical and prosodic cues for word segmentation: evidence from Russian. Poster presentation. Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning Conference, 1st-3rd June 2022, San Sebastián, Spain. https://osf.io/y5w3g